My professional background

Graduate instructor from the French National Equestrian School of Saumur "Le Cadre Noir"

An internationally recognized Equestrian school, it is the only one who prepares the instructors in a authentic way with a high technical level in dressage, jumping and cross country.

Ural, Camargue horse, prepared for jumping at Equisudformation .
Master of equestrian management and teaching graduate.

With my training experience with riders and horses, I have built and proposed training plans for foreign federation (Real Federación Hipica Española) and different organizations.

Manager and owner of a family-owned Equestrian club with my two sisters, the Riding School of Avignon, and the professional Training Center of Equisudformation.

This riding school that I manage since 30 years is a wonderful laboratory that allowed me to study, conduct experiments, and improve teaching progressions for riders and horses. These progressions include the preservation, the well being of both riders and horses, and also the happiness to succeed.

International riders in different disciplines have been studying in Equisudformation. 
Coaching in competition is also part of my job.

Horses : a wonderful way of communication.

Lastly, I would say that with all the years I have been working with them, I am persuaded that horses are an amazing way to learn about yourself and to communicate with others. They allow us to explore our relationship with others.

Mutual respect is a basic requirement in the horse to student relationship.

Since the beginning of our club, all of our horses have a guaranteed retirement.

"No time on horseback is wasted time." 

Winston Churchill.

Al Capone- Elisa Moya. Dressage


After being a rider myself and teaching a lot of riders in different areas of practice such as Horse-ball, ride, trekking, and classical équitation until high technical levels, I have turned my practice to the Working Equitation and pursued a deeper professional training, as well as competed in the area. 

Royal Spanish School of Jerez.

Adviser and teacher for the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation.

Planning and presenting for professional formations in different Spanish regions.

Sonoma Coastal Equestraining Center. Californie.


The French Equestrian Tradition was recognized by the UNESCO in 2011.

With this title, I have presented some conferences  about the French Tradition and also about Working Equitation.

Conference about Equestrian teaching at the Royal Spanish school of Jerez. Andalousie.

University and teaching.

The University of Avignon asked me to 

organize in 2017/ 2018 a "Master Class" titled 

"French Equestrian Tradition and transmission."

Created by Elisa Moya