Working Equitation

Development of Working Equitation 

World Equestrian Games Normandy. WEG

Paris Horse Show.

Cheval- Passion Avignon Horse Show.

Juge international de 2010/2016.

Organizer of professional WE teachers training. 

Clinics in France, Spain and USA.

Organizer of judgement and WE competitions.

Organizer of the French WE championship 2015.

Director of the professional school for Training and qualification for WE teachers in Avignon since 10 years :Equisudformation

Photo: Claire Moretti


I started riding in national elite level FEI in Working Equitation ten years ago (which is advanced level in USA rules or Master B level for the WAWE)

My horse: Al Capone, a Spanish horse breed, has assisted me for 9 years.

Even now, we take part in the three trials of Working Equitation.

Dressage, Ease of Handling trial, speed trial and cow trial.

Cow trial. Camargue cattle.Al Capone-Elisa Moya. Photo: Claire Moretti
Cow trial. Domestic cattle. Al Capone-Elisa Moya. Photo: claire Moretti
Ease of handling. Al Capone-Elisa Moya. Photo: Claire Moretti.
Created by Elisa Moya